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Happy birthday vibrantharmony!

DWTS was pretty cool last night. I've never actually watched it before, so it was all new to me. That two hour format is just not gonna work, however. It's just too much time in front of the TV (especially when you combine it with the rest of Monday night TV: PB, Heroes and TBD.) I guess I'll DVR and run through it at a later date.

However! Joey was AWESOME. By far the best performer there, not that that's any surprise. I maybe have a tiny crush. phaballa says I'm not allowed to think he's hot, so I definitely do not. But he is freaking adorable and I kinda love him a little bit.

Last night, eight new emails appeared in my in-box that had all been sent to me last week. Not delayed LJ comments mind you, but actual correspondence. Whoops. My internet hates me. I've gotten other messages in the last week, so I don't have any idea what makes those eight super special. But, I'm not ignoring you, k?

Also, I managed to hit my snooze button for an entire HOUR this morning. Guess I was super sleepy. *facepalm* I was brushing my teeth when I should have been sitting down at my desk. Whoops, again.

Life is out-of-control and I will never be caught up again. EVER! Just FYI!

More later (like it or not). *loves on flist*
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