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De's Birthday + Some Recs YAY!

Today is anasuede's birthday! *throws confetti*

I've known De for awhile now and she is truly one of the best friends I've ever had. You know how sometimes you just have that immediate CLICK with someone? That's me and De. We quickly became friends online and the very second I met her in-person I knew she was stuck with me forever and ever.

She always is willing to listen, she's supportive, she's kind, she's always willing to be crazy, she loooves to make me blush, she's gorgeous and fun and she, quite literally, writes the HOTTEST RPS in the entire CW fandom.

I assume you've read all of this before, and if you haven't then SHAME ON YOU! But just in case, here's what *I* consider to be some of De's very best work:

Jared/Jensen RPS:
  • I'm Gonna Give You What You Deserve (Hush Now, Don't Say a Word) -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 5,785 words) -- Jensen spends all night flirting with Chris and Jared gets verrry jealous. He's determined to punish Jensen appropriately. This fic is so tangible, De describes everything so vividly, it's almost like I can see (and feel) it unfolding in front of my face.

  • Jared's Got a Gun (the Whole World's Come Undone) --(Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,200 words) -- Jared has a gun kink. Jensen? He can work with that.

  • Sometimes, the best gifts in life are free --(Jared/Jensen, Chad, NC-17, 4.600 words) -- It's Jared's birthday! And so, Jensen blows him while Chad talks dirty on the phone. This fic hits alllll my buttons, it's burning hot.

  • No Strings Attached --(Jared/Jensen/Chad, NC-17, 5,500 words) -- Sequel to "Sometimes, the best gifts in life are free." Jared's had enough tease. It's time to move this fantasy into reality. And WOAH. The result is dirty, dirty, dirty porn.

  • Red-Orange Sunsets and Pink-Red Lips -- (Sam/Dean, R, 2,339 words) -- Coda to "Something Wicked." Sam wants to say thank you, and Dean is confused about these new thoughts he's having. I love that Sam is the aggressor here and I love Dean's in vain hope that his relationship with Sam will stay constant and never change.

  • Wanted Men --(Sam/Dean/YOU, NC-17, 2,600 words) -- This fic STILL makes me blush. Sam and Dean hook up with, you know, YOU for a little fun. This is hot and really showcases the relationship between the brothers and just...*squirms* HOT.

    Harry Potter:
  • Believe -- (Harry/Luna, PG-13, 4,000 words) -- Set post-war, Harry is miserable and drinking himself to death, Luna comes along to help him through it. I think this is the most beautiful thing De has ever written and the completely ambiguous ending just really lends to the dreamy, unworldliness of this entire piece.

  • The Dead Don't See -- (Harry/Draco, R, 4,000 words) -- Draco is willing to do anything the Dark Lord asked but...there are unforeseen consequences. No one does angst better than De. She rips her characters up into little pieces and makes you physically FEEL their pain.

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