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Porn Friday

Fabulous prizes to anyone (or everyone) who makes me a personalized icon from THAT scene from last night's SPN. You know the one!

It makes me sad that THAT scene was in THAT episode because it's one I probably cannot bear to watch repeatedly. Ahh well.

In other news...

Last week improperlydone uploaded some super-hot porn that's basically this beautiful guy with AMAZING abs and a silk tie jerking off in an elevator. I finally watched it yesterday and Lord have mercy.

I almost never watch actual video porn. Either it's so cheesy I'm laughing the whole time or it just makes me feel really embarrassed. BUT, it seems that porn that comes with a recommendation is so much better! (Go figure.)

I think that since it's Friday and we ain't got shit to do...we need to porn up LJ today. Share your fave stuff with me. Written or Video. Leave a comment or upload it to your own LJ. Email me. Link to existing stuff. Anything, shared in any way. If you like it? I wanna see it.

Sounds fun? Ready? GO!
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