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Ten Things That Make Me Happy Today

1. phaballa's discussion about the differences between AUs, crackfic and just plain old stories.

2. Really, really bad!fic that made me laugh until I cried last night. So bad it was good.

3. jc_postcards and spn_postcards.

4. This cup of coffee, which is possibly the best I have ever had.

5. My snuggly puppy dogs: Max and Val don't like waking up in the morning either!

6. People who claim in their LJ bios to live in "a town outside Richardson, TX." (Yeeeah, see? That town would be called DALLAS. Oh people!)

7. Baby pictures of Jared and Jensen.

8. This picture of the boys hugging, which never ceases to make me smile, even though it's old.

9. My boss is out of the office today and tomorrow.

10. I found a 1973 Paddington Bear storybook to give to Addison for Easter.

*beams* Happy Thursday!
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