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Sunday Recs

Don't forget to leave prompts for slashfest! Only one day left! Just go right here and leave a prompt. You don't have to write or claim anything just to leave a story idea. SPN and CW RPS prompts have been sloooooow, so let's step it up! Go on! DO IT! *begs you*

And as your reward? Recs!

  • And We'll Ride Into The Sunset by mickeym -- (Sam/Dean, PG, 1,170 words) -- Future!fic. Nice little story about how the boys might end up. The descriptions are so strong that I can feel the things happening here. It's a little angsty and sad but full of love too. This is gorgeous.

  • Awake by myrkr_nightmare -- (Sam/Dean, R, 1,057 words) -- Sam wakes up in bed with Dean and isn't quite sure what to think. I love the descriptions in this fic, I love Sam's internal freak out and I love the difference in each guy's reaction to the situation.

  • Play the Game by sarah_p -- (Sam, Dean, PG, 2,515 words) -- An explanation of why the boys play rock, paper, scissors and why Dean always chooses scissors. Sarah ripped my heart out with this one yet still keeps most of lighthearted. It's a nice look at what being the best big brother in the world actually means.
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