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What up peeps?

I've been so absent the last few days. I feel really disconnected from everyone and I do not like it one bit!

They told us today that our offices are closed tomorrow. Since I have to work Saturday, Friday off is a super nice little bonus. I might have sung the Hallelujah Chorus a little bit.

When I left work today, I stopped by Starbucks and this woman totally cut me off to get to the drive-through. GRRR! Then, when I got up to the window to pay...she'd bought my drink. So cool! I forgive her! It was just a really nice thing and it made me really happy.

OK, some things...

slashfest claims open up at midnight, so go pick out which one you want and get ready to claim it! There are a ton of awesome, amazing prompts, so seriously....go have a look-see.

Hmmm...I forgot my other important thing to tell y'all. DRATS. You tell me instead. What important things are going on? Both in fandom and in your life.
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