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I had this amazingly vivid dream last night about Jared. He was wearing a turquoise t-shirt and old jeans and black cowboy boots. His hair was all loose and floppy and he was sitting in a kitchen chair playing an old brown guitar with a shoulder strap. It was just...amazingly real. And nice.

I feel amazingly disconnected from fandom and everyone on LJ. I don't really know why that is...do you? RL is occupying a lot of my mind right now, maybe that's it. Maybe it's just the natural ebb and flow of things.

And I have absolutely zero pending projects. Isn't that weird? I need a project!

I worked seven hours today and it sucked. Saturdays are not for work. Saturdays are for resting. But it's done and that's good and I went to the grocery store on the way home so that's done too.

There is spinach-artichoke going in the crock pot because April requested it for Easter. I dunno, I just do what I'm told. I'm going to make caramel-crunchy-stuff later too. But not now. Now, I am being lazy. :)

OK, now I have a confession. Everybody has personal rules about how they decide whether or not to friend people. For example...like interests, mutual friends, interesting entries, Jared love, etc.

But do you have any completely arbitrary, personal, secret rules? I do and I'll admit two of them now. I don't like to friend anyone else named "Wendy." I've done it several times before and it always gets really confusing and I don't know, I get annoyed. I also don't friend people who have October 30 as a birthday. I'm too selfish to share attention on that day, it's MINE.

I know those are silly things, that's sort of my whole point.

Now, you tell me yours.

What are your secret friending criteria?

ALSO. mandyremains! I NEED YOUR HELP! For a craft-ey thing! Come on, that has to tempt you. I need your advice.

Anybody going to be around tonight and want chat?
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