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Sunday Recs on Monday

A day late and a dollar short, as my grandpa used to say...

Here's some SPN stuffs:

  • Closer by leonidaslion -- (Sam/Dean, R, VID) -- This is a mood piece set to the Nine Inch Nails song. Lots of the boys being hot as hell while fighting the good fight. Can I just watch this on repeat forever? Please?

  • Ghost Story by kantayra -- (Gen, PG, 1,054 words) -- A father tells his son a ghost story. Honestly, you just have to read this one in order to see why I like it so much.

  • Till Tonight Do We Part by kueble -- (Dean/Jo, NC-17, 1,400 words) -- Only Kate could make me love Jo. This is burning hot, perfectly in-character for Dean and just...frankly, it's filled with sensuality and passion. And did I mention the flail-worthy het sex??

    Aaaaaand, here's some RPS:

  • Dating on the Regular by phaballa -- (Jared/Jensen, R-ish) -- Is it a date or not a date? Honestly, I could just read J2 stories in this universe forever and ever and never need any others. It makes me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

  • On the Cusp. The Hem by the_oscar_cat -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 6,667 words) -- Jensen sends pictures of himself to Jared from the Ten inch Hero set until Jared can't stay away any longer and goes to him. This is amazingly sensual, freaking hot and filled with gorgeous, descriptive, clear writing.
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