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Ten Inch Hero

Jensen is ADORABLE. Beautiful and funny and super hot.

The movie was much better then I expected. Cute and funny, with some really good lines. It's no cinematic masterpiece, but no one expects it to be and it was a fun way to spend two hours. I'd rent it and watch it again.



The blue mohawk pic? NOT his best look. He looks so much better in other parts of the movie. His shoulders are a thousand miles across, sooooooo broad, *wipes drool* And he spends every scene in the movie wearing tight t-shirts with hysterical sarcastic saying on them. Like, one says "free orgasms" on the front and "ask for your free sample" on the back.

And there's a twist! At the end!!

He's funny and he does a really good job with the humor. This is a VERY different role from Dean Winchester, which is exactly what I wanted for him.

*dreamy sigh*

I love him. He's gorgeous and awesome and I cannot WAIT for stills to be online.

If you have a chance to see it....GO!! And then? Come back here and drool with me. *beams*
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