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Friday Night Lights


I've watched the first two eps and I've figured out why y'all like this. It's quite the cathartic, emotional release, isn't it?


Rachel made me promise to capture all my squee moments, so here we go.

I love it. Obviously. So well done. The photography is beautiful. The characters are detailed and rich and flawed and deep and shallow and incredible. I'm pretty sure I actually went to high school with a lot of those guys.

I grew up in a small Texas town and so many of the details are just right. The way things look. The football team having an appearance at the car dealership. Praying in the locker room.

My eyes glazed over a bit during the actual football scenes.

I teared up pretty good when they pulled Street off the field.

I was blown away by how amazingly well-shot the scene was where the guys are playing football and the crowd is cheering but it's all cut-in with very somber music and scenes of them cutting off Street's helmet in the hospital.

I got actual tears going when both teams knelt and prayed for him at the end of the game. You'd have to be dead inside not to.

I cried like a little baby when the coach had Matt on the field and was yelling at him to be louder and better. I cried when Lyla took Street his spirit box in the hospital and fed him cookies.

I really, really love this show, even though parts of it are really hard for me to deal with.

P.S. Listen to Black Sabbath...it'll make you MEAN.
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