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quick someone call the girl police

I am HOME for about 34 hours. It's very exciting.

This morning, I saw a potentially wank-inducing post on my flist and it just....crushed my mood. I was mad and cranky and bitter.

Then, I toured the Phoenix Children's Hospital (which is AMAZING) and that pretty much smacked my perspective back into place. An entire building of dying kids pretty much trumps random fandom blah, blah, blah.

And then, on the plane back home, the girl next to me ate a tuna fish sandwich and corn nuts. I'm gonna go ahead and put that in caps. SHE ATE A TUNA FISH SANDWICH AND CORN NUTS. While sitting NEXT TO ME. On a PLANE.

And really? Nothing worse then THAT is gonna happen to me today. So. Perspective!

I am hopelessly behind on all things LJ so feel free to tell me what I missed and how you are and everything else bright and shiny in your world.
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