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Fan History Wiki Pages

I am too in love with this not to post about it.

You know those Fan History Wiki Pages? The ones people were afraid would cause wank?

Well, phaballa, notthequiettype, anasuede and I took it upon ourselves to make our own wikis wank-free. By making things up! HY-LARIOUS things! And you should go do it too! Right now! It's loads of fun and I've been laughing for nearly an hour straight.

Poke fun at yourself, poke fun at fandom, poke fun at whatever but BE NICE. This is anti-wank, yeah? Don't make me add "yak-fucker" to your profile or something, ok?

Feel free to add to mine. Add to your own. ADD TO EVERYONE'S.

Bonus points to anyone who can make me laugh so hard I snort.

Also, bonus points to anyone who writes me comment porn. That bit has nothing to do with Wiki, it's just a cheap attempt to get more porn. 'Cause y'all! WHERE IS THE PORN LATELY? I'll even give you a prompt, if you want it. Or go on your own.

*shoos you off for fun-making*
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