I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

Popslash Recs...NOT POSTED

  • A ryght cruell beast by flambeau --(Justin/Chris, R) -- A unicorn shows up in Justin's house. JC says the only way to get rid of it is to "have sex with someone who really loves you." What?

  • JC chasez is dead by ropeythesoap -- (JC/Justin, R) -- JC fakes his own death, moves to Brazil, tapes himself masturbating and makes beautiful music out of it. And then some stuff with Justin happens. (phaballa provided that summary, fyi.)

  • JC Squared by superpana -- (JC and Jesus!) -- The adventures of the two JC, freaking hysterical.

  • Chasez Lake by foxmonkey --(Justin/JC, NC-17) -- Justin buys JC a house. What does it mean? Possibly includes the hottest making-out-in-a-limo scene EVER. This is a warm, fuzzy story and I love it a lot. phaballa says I have to say it's unfinished but...you should read it anyway.)

  • The Same Inside by helenish -- (Joey/Chris, NC-17) -- Chris turns into a girl! And it's AWESOME!

  • MPREG by Rhys --(Chris/Lance, NC-17) -- Chris gets pregnant and it's kinda awesome. If this fic doesn't make you crave chocolate cake then you are dead inside.
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