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Completely Random Things

I have been trying to watch V for Vendetta and it is the longest, most boring, most convoluted movie ever. I think it's about a year long. I finally had to put it on pause and walk away for awhile. Sad.

In FNL news...a grilled cheese sandwich made me cry yesterday. Friggin show.

mandyremains, I made the Michelangelo cookies and they were a spectacular failure. I'm considering firing you as my craft consultant. They were pretty though!

In the airport Thursday, I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said "Jesus loves me and my tattoos." I want it.

Y'all, personal growth is hard.

Don't you just want to hold the Sam in my icon? Sweet baby.

Now I'm going to read fic and eat cheese and crackers. Mmmmm. Happy Sunday.
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