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Three SPN Recs + one Popslash

  • Meditor Planto Perficio (Practice Makes Perfect) by mickeym -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,100 words) -- Dean helps Sam study his Latin, but Sam? Sam clearly is prepared. (Dear Smoking-Hot-Wee!Cest-Latin-Porn: Where have you been all my life????? I am keeping you FOREVER. Love always, Wendy)

  • Sam's Haircut by __tiana__ -- (Sam/Dean, R) -- Dean gives Sam a haircut and Sam thinks his bangs are maybe too short... (This started as comment porn, so I gave it a title to make it fit my format, sorry Ti.)

  • the spirits we drank are now ghosts in the room by cathybites -- (Sam/Dean, R, 2,307 words) -- Sam gets Dean drunk and takes advantage of him. I love Sam's motivation, his insistence, his need. His hand jobs against the Impala.

    Also, my DeBear wrote popslash, wooooo! So give that a look too:

  • Like I Love You by anasuede -- (Justin/JC, NC-17) -- JC is waiting for Justin after a concert, you know, just to say HI. This story makes me sweat.
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