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A Crazy Dream and Mail

Last night I dreamed that Lance and JC came over to watch DWTS with me. And JC was very cranky because I didn't have anything diet to drink. And he kept making all these bratty demands and I kept getting more and more frustrated. Finally, I ended up stamping my feet and screaming "NO! I DON'T KNOW ANY ACTUAL HOOKERS."

JC wanted me to get him hookers!!!!

My brain is weird.

I also have gotten a bunch of LJ mail lately, that I want to acknowledge because I looooove mail!

storydivagirl sent me a super-cool FNL something and I can't WAIT until the weekend so I can pay total attention to it! Thank you so much lovely lady!

I got a very sweet postcard form rei_c. It totally validates me that other people like to send state postcards too!

My TabbyBear sent me a sweet card too. 27 days to Reno, wooooooooo! Thank you why_me_why_not!

And lastly, cinnamon_sins sent me an awesome care package with a dark chocolate (my fave!) espresso candy bar! MMMMM. Aaaanndddd? She also sent those AirHead sour belt-things that Jared chows down on in the Day-In-The-Life DVD. SO FUN!!! I'm snacking like Jared! Yaaaaaay! Thank you honey!

Happy Wednesday y'all.
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