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Really Pretty Sure

Let's do a random list, ok?

♥ I love this icon, which geneli4 made, more than pretty much anything right now.

♥ Yesterday I bought dog food, which I get 80 pounds at a time. I'm always proud of myself for being able to sling around those 40 pound bags by myself.

♥ I read this quote from Cameron Diaz that I love. She was talking about how she never worked out before Charlie's Angels, that she just associated exercise with pain and fatigue. Then, when she had to work out six hours a day (or whatever) for Charlie's Angels, she found out that exercise made her feel STRONG and that she didn't want to ever lose that feeling again. I really like that.

♥ I want Chipotle for lunch really, really bad. Like, it's 8:45 a.m. and Chipotle is all I can think of. What's THAT all about???

♥ Enjoyed both SV and SPN. It was a good TV night yesterday.

My work email is completely down. Not everyone's. Just MINE. Not appropriate. FIXED! Yay!

♥ I got nothin' else. SAD.


P.S. This is my 5,000th LJ entry. Kinda exciting and scary all at once!
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