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Happy birthday to the very sweet and talented girlguidejones!

phaballa, I know you have a Hot Sports Opinion on Britney and Howie Day...share with the class!

topaz119, did you see that they're making a Nancy Drew movie? Releases June 15. Apparently, it's so good, the studio already has greenlit a sequel. I am wary. What do we think about this? Emma Roberts, Rachael Leigh Cook and Tate Donovan.

I'm pretty sure I have a major girl-crush on Edyta from DWTS. Every time she's on screen, I cannot tear my eyes away. Her body is SLAMMIN'.

Speaking of DWTS...Joey did a magic trick DURING HIS DANCE. Also? One-armed handstand. *beams* I'm so proud. But the judges sure are pushing for a Layla win, aren't they? Sheesh. She's awesome but...I just don't think she's THAT good. I dunno. Maybe I'm just bitter.

My DVR did not get Heroes for me last night. *makes sad face* And apparently it doesn't re-run until FRIDAY. BOO.

It's Stress Tuesday for me, how about for you?
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