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Oh this day!

I stayed home from work today for a variety of reasons and our VP has been sending me passive-aggressive emails all day long.

I spent, I dunno, 700 hours working on Big Bang claims.

My dishwasher broke and I had to hand-wash a BILLION very dirty dishes.

It POURED rain and I'm having drainage issues in the house AGAIN. The carpet is soaked AGAIN. Argh.

I have been so busy and stressed today that I haven't finished coding Sammy's birthday fic list and I'm very sorry about that. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it tomorrow either. Poor Sam. Even the people who love him most (i.e. ME) blow him off on his birthday. But Friday, I promise the list, for sure.

THEN, the rain knocked out all my power and I just sat there in the dark for an hour and a half. OK, I didn't really just sit there. I pulled out my laptop and watched FNL. But STILL. I had other things I needed to be doing.

And now, I'm back online and I think my eyes are bleeding a little and NO ONE ELSE IS ONLINE. *knocks on screen* Hellooooo? Where is everyone?

Mmmm, almost sleep-time though! That's a good thing!

P.S. Even though this post is complain-ey, I'm actually quite happy. You don't need to cheer me up. :) Of course, if there was an apocalypse or something and I'm the only person left alive then, well...that's a COMPLETELY different story!

P.P.S. Spellcheck thinks "apocalypse" should be "unclasp." This amuses me.
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