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How Sam Spent His Birthday

PHEW! *wipes sweat from brow* OK, I am DONE!

Here is the Master List of all the Sam birthday fic I could find. There are two types included here: fics taking place ON Sam’s birthday and fics written FOR Sam’s birthday. Make sense?

There's a bit of everything....slash, het, gen, G all the way up to NC-17. So take a look, enjoy, loooove on the authors, YAY!

ETA: If I missed your fic, drop me a link please!

  • All the Roads That Lead You There (Mile by Mile Extended Dance Mix) by musesfool -- (Sam/Jess, Dean, R, 2,855 words) -- Sam gets the atlas on his twelfth birthday.

  • A Normal Day by eboniorchid -- (Sam/Dean, R, 1,400 words) -- The boys take a day off.

  • And I'll Take You For Who You Are (If You Take Me For Everything) by waterofthemoon -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17. 1,014 words) -- Sam and Dean celebrate Sam's birthday with sleepy morning sex.

  • And Many More by kalyw -- Sam, Dean, G, 2,165 words) -- It's Sam's birthday, but something is missing...

  • And they could float above the grass by unperfectwolf -- (Sam, Dean, G, 290 words) -- It’s Sam’s birthday and they’re still ok.

  • Best Birthday Ever by mickeym -- (Sam/Dean, PG, 700 words) -- Sam's birthday sucks.

  • Birthmarks by leighm -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Sam’s 14th, 18th and 24th birthdays.

  • Blow out the candles I still hear them say (Wishes come true in this special way) by felisblanco -- (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 7,145 words) -- Sam is turning fifteen and Dean is going to Hell.

  • Chocolate by sororcula -- (Sam, Dean, PG, 840 words) -- Just a nice moment between the boys.

  • Counting On it by dotfic -- (Sam, Dean, PG, 750 words) -- Sam has learned not to count on certain things.

  • Dean Never Forgets by pesha -- (Sam, Deam, G, 750 words) -- Dean never forgets, he just doesn't want Sam to know he remembers.

  • Five Birthdays of Sam Winchester by why_me_why_not -- (Sam, Dean, G, 1,350 words) -- Five of Sam's birthdays, from his first to his current.

  • Four Birthdays Sam Remembers And One He Wishes He Didn't by kelex -- (Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Sam/OFC, Sam/OMC, NC-17) -- Four birthdays Sam remembers and one he wishes he didn't.

  • Happy Birthday Sam Winchester by skittythegreat -- (Sam, Dean, PG) -- Sam saves the day.

  • Happy Birthday, Sammy by why_me_why_not and anasuede -- (Sam, Dean, NC-17, 5,050 words) -- Sam thinks Dean forgot his birthday. All I have to say is….HANDCUFFS.

  • How Can I Keep My Hands Off Myself by dev_earl -- (Sam/Jared, Dean, NC-17, 4,856 words) -- Sam is upset when Dean forgets his birthday. Luckily, Jared is willing to comfort him.

  • It's the Same Old Story by cloex_brosluvr -- (Sam, Dean, PG) -- He can't remember his first birthday but Dean does and tells him all about it each year.

  • Layer Cake by themarisa -- (Sam, G)) – Dean steps up and gives Sam a birthday worth remembering.

  • Left Field by azewewish -- (Sam/Jess, PG, 600 words) -- Jess’s birthday present reminds Sam of his family.

  • Like Two Brother's Who Go on a Date by thelonejuliet -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,118 words) -- For Sam's 24th birthday, Dean takes him out for a night of escape from their daily lives.

  • May 2 by steph_hime -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Sam can remember almost every birthday he's had.

  • The Measure of a Man by ignipes -- (Sam, Dean, PG-13, 1,500 words) -- Sam is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sixteenth birthday.

  • The Prize That Wasn't In The Box by cinnamon_sins -- (Sam, Dean, PG, 376 words) -- It's Sam's birthday and Dean decides it might be okay to show his softer side.

  • Reflections of You by ze_pink_lady -- (Sam/Jensen, NC-17) -- Sam wants his brother, Dean wants anything but. Jensen proves to be a more than acceptable substitute.

  • She Chose Dare by discordia_intus -- (Sam/Dean/OFC, NC-17) -- Sam and Dean go to a college party, get drunk and end up sharing a sex. This is just really dirty, in the best way.

  • Smart, with a Green Bow by wenchpixie -- (Sam, Dean, John, PG, 945 words) -- The whole family wants Sam to have a good birthday -- even Sam's teddy bear.

  • Stories for Sixteenth Birthdays by albydarned -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 20,000 words) -- It's Sam's sixteen birthday, and Dean gives Sammy something that he received on his own sweet sixteen.

  • They Had Two Sets of Arms, They Had Two Sets of Legs by cherryscott -- (Sam/Dean, R, 1,225 words) -- A study of the birthdays of Sam Winchester.

  • They Say it's Your Birthday by buffyaddict13 -- (Sam, Dean, PG) -- Five of Sam’s birthdays.

  • The Truth at Seventeen by merepersiflage -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17. 2,300 words) -- Sam doesn’t quite get what he wants for his seventeenth birthday.

  • Use all the languages that you have by _doodle -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17) -- Five times Dean didn't buy Sam anything for his birthday, but improvised.

  • When I Hear That Whistle Blowing by kroki_refur -- (Sam, Dean, John, G, 1,500 words) -- Sam, birthdays and the law.

  • When Sam Was -- by sinuous_curve -- (Sam/Dean, R, 891 words) -- Recap of several of Sam’s birthdays, some good and some bad.

  • Why Dean never gets to pick locks and Sam always stops after one and a half beers by wenchpixie -- (Sam, Dean, PG-13, 1,350 words) -- Dean can't help being impressed at how much in practice Sammy's kept.

  • Worth Fifteen of Mine by __tiana__ -- (Sam/Dean, R, 3,855 words) -- Sam has an normal, easy day, full of things he loves.
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