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Happy Birthday Phaballa!

Today is phaballa's birthday. WOOWOO.

I love Andrea for a lot of reasons...she's super smart, very funny, politically-minded, strong, determined, creative and can have an entire conversation about Justin's silver suit. She has great taste in music and pretty much has fun doing anything she sets her mind to.

Usually for birthday's of people I'm close to, I do a rec list of their work so my other friends can check the birthday girl out. But this time I'm doing it just slightly different.

My most favorite thing I've ever read that phaballa has ever written is her Big Bang. It is AMAZING. Sadly, you can't read that until June. BUT! She did do a little prequel to it:

  • Dating on the Regular -- (Jared/Jensen, R) -- Jared's not gay, but he's maybe a little bit gay for Jensen. This is just sweet and perfect and reading it makes me happy inside.

    OK, so then, phaballa did that recent meme where authors were asked to pick the five stories of their own that they loved the most. Her response is here and it includes CW RPS, popslash and HP stories. You should really check them out. There's a reason we say "I love your brain" to her constantly.

    And then, when Andrea was educating me in the ways of sparkly popslash love, she put together a rec list that has become known far and wide as the Pop AU Rec List of Awesomeness.

    And LASTLY:

    Here's a birthday JC Moment of Zen. It's JC giving OK Go advice on performing on the VMS. Please note that JC has on a pink and blue striped sweater vest. It makes me laugh. He looks adorable. Also, they're in the bathroom, so people are like, literally coming in and out and flushing throughout the interview. *facepalm*

    And a Bonus JC Moment of Zen, simply because who doesn't like to watch JC touching himself while singing "Come To Me"? (Turn your speakers down, the sounds quality is crap.)

    Happy birthday Andrea!
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