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And if you love him, be proud of him...

  • Had terrible nightmares all night. I dreamed about the ending of SPN, I dreamed that my Dad was in a horrible car accident, I dreamed my mom broke her leg. As a result, I didn't get much actual sleep.

  • Also dreamed some more about Jensen wearing jeans and an old navy blue t-shirt and holding a guitar, while Jared (on his knees) is pushing the tee up and kissing Jensen's abs. Mmmm. Stupid alarm clock.

  • The barista at Starbucks serenaded me this morning. *beams*

  • FNL has been renewed. WOOT.

  • I love that when I hear an awesome song on SPN, my first thought is "I love this song!" My second thought is "sarah_p will upload this!"

  • azewewish wants to break me. Now, that doesn't seem very nice, does it?!!?

  • Already had a screaming fight with my boss today. BOO.

  • Driving to work this morning, I had my ipod set on random and an Indigo Girls song came on with this line: all your daddies fought in vain, leave you with the mark of Cain, so now THAT is lodged in my brain. Guess why?

  • Friday! Woot!

    In conclusion: STAND BY YOUR MAN.
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