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Unpopular Opinions

It really, really bothers me to see people rejoicing that Jerry Falwell died. You hate him because he was an angry, horrible, bigot who believed some people deserved to burn in hell, yeah? *looks around pointedly*

NOT saying his views are OK. They certainly ARE NOT. But tolerance and forgiveness is all encompassing. Don't become what you hate just because it feels righteous.

Also? I think some of the gossip-ey reports from Asylum/Jensen/Jared are having one over on the fangirls. Come on...really? People from the set are sharing intimate details and every schmoopy story in existence?

Personally, I heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone who was at Asylum and talked to someone else who was an extra that Jared and Jensen have lunch together every day. NO REALLY. And sometimes? They disappear into one of their trailers for HOURS. And the PAs have to go bang on their doors and I BET THEY'RE KISSING.


Someone, somewhere, is sitting in the corner laughing their ass off at fandom.
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