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Friday, Friday, Friday

I was at a dedication this morning and it was out in the boonies, as all Dallas things are. My exit? Samuel Avenue. *beams* Even had two news crews show up, which is awesome, but then they got a call about some breaking news and took off. BOO. This is the problem with promoting fluff things. Anyway, it was amusing because they were with two different stations and both their phones rang within about thirty seconds of each other. It made me laugh.

I have the best buddies ever. Someone sent me a fic rec this morning with the subject line "STFU," which also made me laugh. I'll read it, I promise! I also got an email asking if I was ok with Sam spanking Dean, instead of the reverse. Dude. Yes.

ALSO, I got a postcard from anasuede (nope De, I never did get that other card and I am BITTER about it!) and a card from brynwulf. (Love ya Meggers!)

Dude, I dunno. I feel like I had other stuff to say but I can't remember. What am I forgetting?

Now. You tell me something. Anything! If you wanna make it a secret, you can screen it.

MWAH. Love you guys! Happy Friday!
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