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Recs: SPN, J2, FNL

Last night phaballa and txtequilanights and I drank drinks as big as our heads (no really) and watched much sparkly boy footage.

Now every one has gone home and I'm trying to do laundry and clean house but I mostly just want to sleep.

*basks in the lazy*

How about a couple of recs?

First, SPN:

  • Give and Take by mickeym -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,100 words) -- Dean has to come apart in order to be put back together again. And ok, this is a spanking fic, but it's MORE. It's emotional and powerful and hot and full of love and need. It's THEM. And I love the way it makes ME feel.

    Next, J2:

  • Catch Release by rejeneration -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,000 words) -- Jensen tries to let go but Jared pulls him back in. I love how hard Jared works here to remind Jensen about how he feels. I love how it all feels a little desperate but completely sincere. Honestly, I kinda love it all.

    And last, one FNL that was posted awhile ago, but on the off chance that you missed it:

  • Texas Forever by topaz119 -- (Gen, future fic, PG-13) -- This is the author's version of where the characters end up in the future. She captures every one of their voices and personalities exactly. It's beautiful and perfect and exactly as it should be.
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