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HP, SPN DVDs and hot boys....woooooo!

Last night I dreamed that Ben & Jerry's created ice cream flavors for all the Harry Potter characters. Cedric's had peanut butter cups and Voldemort's was licorice (blech!).

I know I dreamed about HP because mandyremains emailed me yesterday that Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are doing the hands (and feet and wands, apparently)-in-cement-thing at Grauman's exactly two days after I leave California this July. BOOOOOO! I always miss the good stuff.

Supernatural S2 DVDs are out September 11. WOOT. (Bonus Features include a gag reel, interactive road map, script-to-screen, commentaries and much more!)

Now I must go drink coffee and maybe pretend to work a little since tomorrow starts my vacation. YAY YAY! But...you'll miss me while I'm gone, right?

We should do a hot boy picspam party or something today. Like, everybody post a hot boy pic in your journal and then we'll have billlllllions of pretty things to stare at. What do you think?

MWAH. This is the happiest I've ever been on a Wednesday. Evah-evah.

P.S. I'm looking for a really good screencap or two (or twelve) of the hug from AHBL2. I know there are billions out there but I don't want to have to search them out. Anyone got them at your fingertips?
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