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Reno Soundtrack

This is probably the last Reno post you'll have to suffer through. Probably. Maybe.

I made a soundtrack of all the stuff we listened to over and over (and over) during the Reno trip. Astute listeners will pick-up on the theme.

However, we absolutely did not act out the "God Must Have Spent" dance in front of Starbucks. Never happened. And don't you believe otherwise.

1. Riddle by NSync
2. God Must Have Spent by NSync
3. Bye, Bye, Bye by NSync
4. Fergalicious by Fergie
5. As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys
6. Here We Go by NSync
7. Chop Me Up by Justin Timberlake
8. Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
9. No Strings Attached by NSync
10. On the Line by the On the Line Allstars (Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Mandy Moore & others)
11. Please Don't Go by No Mercy
12. Digital Getdown by NSync
13. Space Cowboy by NSync


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