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Five SPN Recs + some icons

I woke up at 6:30 a.m., took a shower and went back to bed. I don't know. It seemed logical at the time.

How about some Sunday recs?

  • Burdens to Bear -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,400 words) -- Sometimes Dean gets Sam drunk so he can maybe take a little advantage without repercussions. But what happens when Sam makes it plain he wants it too? Is that better...or worse? This fic makes me feel dizzy. It's sexy but sad, hot but difficult, full of emotion and conflict and want and need.

  • Dioscouri by monster_of_hope -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 7,985 words) -- Someone gives Dean a love potion that gets rid of all his inhibitions and Sam has to deal with the fallout. This fic is freaking hysterical, scorching hot and just about perfect. I could read it over and over a billion times. I think my feedback comment was something along the lines of "I love the beginning, I love the middle and I love the end. And the bits in between. I loved them too."

  • Firecrotch (or, that time when the Winchester boys banged Lindsay Lohan) by dramaphile -- (Sam/Dean/Lindsay Lohan, NC-17) -- Okokok. This is clearly crackfic. It's about the Winchester boys having a threesome with LINDSAY LOHAN. And then on top of that, Karyn made it hot. And then on top of THAT, she added in this amazing layer exploring the relationship between Sam and Dean and their mutual wanting-of-more from each other and how they use this girl to get it. Honestly, that bit of the story hit me so hard, I actually considered defending this as NOT being crackfic. But then...then the ending happened and I quit fighting it. *beams* Just go read it.

  • Letters Home by mickeym -- (Sam/Dean, R, 3,100 words) -- Sam writes (and never sends) Dean a series of letters from Stanford, telling Dean about his new life. This fic rips me up inside because I just KNOW this is exactly how it happened...

  • Making Partner by memphis86 -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 9,019 words) -- Sam is a hotshot lawyer who gets assigned a tough case -- Dean's. The writing in this is awesome. It's hysterical and touching and some of it honest-to-God made me tingle inside. It's a fun story, the characterizations are perfection and just thinking about parts of it still makes me giggle.

  • And lastly, weesta made these amazing summertime icons and just looking at them makes me beam with happiness. Have a look-see. You'll be happy too!

    My plans for the day are to mainline coffee and read two very long fics that I've been saving for a (literal) rainy day.

    *blows kisses*
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