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Let's Talk About Fashion...

Anyone who knows me in RL is laughing their ass off at that subject line as I have no actual fashion-sense. I wear jeans and t-shirts with sarcastic saying on them in RL and jeans and suit jackets to work. There's no "in style" about any of it.

I like to think this just makes me OBJECTIVE.

OK, first of all, I've worn the same brand and style of jeans for years. Basically, very, very cheap Levi's. I went to pick up a new pair this weekend and they have been DISCONTINUED. Not appropriate! I haven't ever found any other brand of jeans that fits. *weeps* What brand of jeans do other normal people wear that aren't tailored to fit 95 pound girls with no asses and/or that don't cost $100? I'm cheap. I paid $19.99 for my last fave pair. No, really! Ugh. NEED NEW JEANS.

Now, let's address this new trend of wearing two shirts, one long (usually white) and pulled down over your hips and the top one (usually colored) much shorter.

I know. You like this look because it let's you change the shape of your torso, right? You look tall and thin? Well, ok, maybe. You also look like you don't know how to do laundry and you shrunk your top shirt. It mystifies me. Is that the look people want? Incompetence? Also, unless you are very thin, wearing two shirts at one time is not really your most flattering look. Really. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Don't even get me started on my hatred of capri pants.

OK, so tell me where to buy flattering, cheap jeans and then tell me about the fashion trends you don't understand.

P.S. Completely unrelated to the above, last night I dreamed that the whole world was a police state and phaballa and I had to flee the country by taking a SPACE SHUTTLE.
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