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I wish *I'd* written THAT!

The other day I asked y'all What one piece of existing fanfiction do you wish YOU had written?

Here's what you said:

(I assume a lot of these flocked things are due to the recent drama. If you decide to unlock, holler and I'll edit in a link.)

  • Equation by imogenics (Jared/Jensen)
  • Everyone Experiments in College by indysaur (Jared/Jensen)
  • everybody's got their own definition of just their kind by technosage (Jared/Jensen)
  • For I Have Sinned by miss_begonia (It's flocked, so I'm not linking it.)
  • Get the door, it's Domino's by notthequiettype (Jared/Jensen)
  • If We Live To See The Other Side Of This by light_up (Jared/Jensen, Jared/Sandy)
  • The Jared Padalecki Untitled Project by esohpe (Jared/Jensen)
  • Merrily On High by estrella30 (Jared/Jensen)
  • On Your Mark by veronamay (Jared/Jensen)

  • Idolater by azewewish (Karl/Orlando)
  • Pull Ring by cupiscent (Dom/Orlando)

  • Your Life is Now by Sandy

  • Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by synecdochic

  • Identical by lanning (Clark/Lex)

  • And Fools Shine On by eighth_horizon
  • A Priori by memphis86 (Sam/Dean)
  • A Rose (In Another Man's Garden) by memphis86 (Sam/Dean)
  • Birds on a Wire by killabeez (Sam/Dean)
  • Carry Me Over the Sky by killabeez (Sam/Dean)
  • Chains of Babylon by poisontaster (Sam/Dean)
  • Conversational Winchester for Trolls by eloise_bright (John, Dean, Sam. And troll.)
  • The Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean by stele3
  • ex luna scientia by ink_stain (John/Mary, Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, Dean/Cassie)
  • Impala Meta by anteka
  • The Killing Moon by poisontaster (Sam/Dean)
  • Out Of This Darkness by maygra (It's flocked, so I'm not linking it.)
  • Parts of Speech by mona1347 (Dean)
  • Red by big_pink (Sam, Dean)
  • Sacrum Vitium by subterrain (Sam/Dean)
  • Under Hill by astolat (Sam/Dean)
  • Untitled by boonies (Sam/Dean)
  • Waiting Games by nutkin (Sam/Dean)
  • Worth It to See Most of Me by dontyouwaitup (Sam/Dean)

    -I am unfamiliar with some of these fandoms, if I left off the pairing, author, whatever...tell me and I'll add it in.
    -If I messed up coding, please point it out. (I hate HTML and HTML hates me.)
    -No, I won't tell you who picked you. I promised.
    -Leave feedback for the authors or I'll whine loudly. Really, no one wants that.
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