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Thursday Misc.

Today is My Mandy's birthday! I could post embarrassing pictures or tell horrifying stories but instead I'll just say...happy birthday mandyremains. I cannot wait to see you in less than one month, OMG! I've written and deleted about twenty sentences here trying to describe how much I care about you and what your friendship means to me but I can't capture it in words. And that's ok, because I know you already know. Love ya bunches MandyBear. Happy birthday!

I think Wednesday was a pretty crappy day for most of my list, so I think we should work to make Thursday better.

Tell me, show me, give me at least ONE thing that makes you super-happy today. OK? Please?

I laid in bed last night thinking...."Jared Padalecki is less than 150 miles away from me RIGHT NOW." *le sigh*

Supposedly Lance Bass is going to do a reality show. Like, about his life. Huh.

Big Bang posting starts TODAY. WOOOO! I am ridiculously excited. Keep an eye on spn_j2_bigbang. Good stuff is everywhere!


Also, spn_fanmix. And schmoopfest.

How disjointed is this entry? Sorry. My brain is still mushy from yesterday's pounding. Let me recap:

Mandy's birthday.
Tell me/show me/give me something you love.
Big Bang.
Fun comms.
This recap.

The end.
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