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J2 Rec! YAY!

Happy birthday to angelicus and to tastyeyeliner! MWAH!

In case you haven't read it, please, PLEASE go right now and read:

  • Last Stop: Chicagoland by phaballa -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17) -- This is Andrea's Big Bang fic and it's the story about what happens to Jared and Jensen after Supernatural. It explores their lives in Chicago as fathers, actors, people, a couple. It's sweet and and hot and hard and conflicted and REAL and so full of love. This is just exactly how it will all go down, ok? I am firm in my belief. It's my new happy place and every time I click the link to rec it to someone, I end up re-reading the entire thing yet again. SO good.

    I have a few more things to write about....my weekend recap and my upcoming NY trip, but first? I need COFFEE. So, more later loves!
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