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Jensen weekend

I just wanted to quickly recap my weekend so I'd remember it but I've already forgotten a lot.

txtequilanights came over Friday night and I forced her to go out to eat with me and then we watched The Covenant, which is not good in an even mockable way. Bad bad. I should have just YouTubed the swimming pool scene and been done with it. After that I was hitting my I-am-old-and-I-need-sleep wall so I turned in.

Saturday, we got up and...did...stuff. I don't remember. When we pulled up at Starbucks, there was a car out front with "Backstreet's Back Alright!" shoe polished on the back. I made Rachel take a picture. *grin*

Eventually, we made it out to Fort Worth and hooked up with phaballa and katieupsidedown. We checked into our room and hooked up with moonmelody and some other people (my brain is swiss cheese today) and had a late lunch at Chili's. I had been texting with topaz119, trying to figure out when we could hook up and she and without_me randomly walked in (I had told them we were there) while we were eating, so it was sort of unexpectedly fun to get to say hi.

We walked around and rested and changed our clothes and did some other stuff. (Why can't I remember anything??) Oh! I know! At some point in the afternoon, unperfectwolf, waterofthemoon and rei_c and some of their friends stopped by for hugs, which obviously was awesome! I ended up sitting next to Kwen at the play but I REALLY wish I'd had more time to talk with Rei. *sigh*

brynwulf called to say she missed her flight into DFW. It's possible I laughed at her. She was determined to take a later flight though and just go straight from the airport to the theater. I had some pretty strong doubts she could make the timing work but encouraged her to give it a try anyway.

We wandered over to the other hotel to meet up with topaz119, without_me, glendaglamazon, coolwhipdiva, editorzon and...I think I'm missing one person. But anyway, we had a drink and talked and M and A brought Andrea and I this huuuuge bag of really awesome NSync swag and then we left to go to the play.

OMG this is the longest, most boring recap ever.


We got to Casa and I felt like I was having a flashback. I can't remember the last time I was there, but it was probably during high school. They were still doing everything in-the-round then, so it was sort of weird for that part to be changed. We left Meg's ticket at will-call and went to sit down.

About fifteen minutes before start time, here comes Meg running in! She was blazing smoke behind her but she not only MADE it, she was early. I will never, ever know how she managed to bend the space-time continuum and travel all those miles so quickly.

The play was awesome. The stage basically consisted of some barbed wire across the back to suggest a military base feel and then various tables and chairs rearranged to suggest an office, a courtroom, etc. It was very low-tech, after all, it IS just a community theater.

All of the actors did a wonderful job, especially our boy. Jensen easily had four times the dialog of everyone else in the play and was in just about every scene. He did great and was very believable. He did put a lot of Dean into his performance but he also really sold himself as this character too.

I vote for the blue uniform as my favorite and I'm in total agreement with whoever it was that suggested Jensen create a new show where he takes off his jacket, rolls up his dress shirt sleeves to his forearms, walks around for 15 seconds, rolls down his sleeves, puts on his jacket, walks around for 15 seconds and then repeat. Forever. Totally as good as actual porn.

Jensen's first line is "SAM," which was awesome and made me happy.

All the fangirls around me behaved perfectly and I was very pleased. You could hear a collective intake of breath when Jensen walked out in that dress uniform though. Honestly, it couldn't be helped.

Anyway, everyone did a wonderful job and I enjoyed the play thoroughly. I wish I could have seen it a second time. It was pretty clear that everyone (including LDP) considered Jensen to be the star of the show.

And yes, I leaned on the concession counter where Jared stood because I am just THAT MUCH if a sad stalker fangirl.

After the play, we hooked up with Jess and Meg and wrenlet and annkiri and some other people and ate and drank and talked about RPS and Rachel, Andrea and I possibly serenaded the lot of them. But only maybe. That part is fuzzy.

Sunday morning Andrea and I went through our pop goodies and there was some fierce picture negotiation going on, lemme tell you! SO much fun.

We met M and A and Alison and Stacey and some other people (OMG, I fail at names this weekend, good grief) for lunch and that also was fun. Finally got a chance to talk to glendaglamazon about my NY trip next week and to discuss fic with some of the people I fangirl most in the entire world. *beams*

After, we all split up to begin going home and Rachel and I took glendaglamazon and topaz119 to the airport. That drive was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I don't know, it was just really awesome to finally relax and talk and laugh and gossip and have fun. I considered keeping them prisoner, but in the end, I did drop them off at DFW.

Finally got home. The puppies were good, wickedsin took good care of them, as always. Rachel took off and I took a nap.

I took exactly ZERO pictures this weekend. Whoops.

What did I leave out?

In conclusion: YAY Jensen! YAY fangirls! YAY naps!

Now I'm back at work and that is just so much less fun then playing with my pals and talking about boys. BOO.
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