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Thursdays are Shiny!

Yesterday was a veryveryvery bad day. I literally closed the door on my office and hid yesterday afternoon. Of course, it's a GLASS door so it didn't really help all that much but the effort was made, just the same.

Today will be better.

I am soooo wired. I think my latte was all caffeine and no milk. *vibrates*

I had a whole rant about people freaking out over SPN S3 spoilers but...it's been covered.

Do you ever think that you'd really just like everything about your life to be different? When is it just too damn late to start over again from scratch?

Last night I watched that Kathy Griffin show that Nick Carter was on. He is SO ADORABLE. *crushes* It amused me greatly that she was worried about their five year ago difference. Man, I'd go to jail for him. Hot hot hot.

Also, I think I'm going to just give up on Hidden Palms. Can't do it, not for me.

OK, so listen. I am DETERMINED to make today a good day and you have to help me. Be happy, be shiny, post lots, tell people you love them, do it ALL. Put some positive vibes out there today...we NEED them, OK?

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