I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

there's a tiny little hole in my LJ heart

Soooo...Jared is going to cons in Chicago in November and Austin in January? I need to win the lottery now, ok? Also? Creation cons. BLEH.

Yesterday, Bowling for Soup was on my plane from Dallas to New York. I would like to note for the record that coolwhipdiva got Jared Padalecki on her plane. I? Got freaking Bowling for Soup.

I was an ax murderer in a former life, wasn't I? *le sigh*

I'd upload "Come Back to Texas" in BfS's honor but I'm in a hotel room. Somebody else wanna?

Yes, ok, so...yesterday I checked into my hotel (my window looks directly down on Ground Zero) and talked to anasuede for a little so she could calm my nerves. Then, glendaglamazon and antheia and I hooked up. A gave me a little mini-tour on our walk to the Staten Island Ferry and it was awesome. Then we rode on the ferry, which also was amazingly cool. The Statue of Liberty was just RIGHT THERE and the view coming back into the harbor was amazing.

We headed to dinner (I rode the subway!) and hooked up with cathybites (who is ADORABLE) and drvsilla (who is freaking HYSTERICAL) and ate some yummy pasta and gossiped about SPN and boys and music and stuff. Then we went somewhere else and had dessert and then we went somewhere else and had drinks and sang along with a piano player. And watched realllly hot gay boys make out. Mmmm.

It was awesome, really fun. I kinda love these girls and I pretty much want to keep them forever, ok? Ok. I want to write about our night in more detail and try to remember all the funny things that were said, but that's for later. *waves hands around* Tons of fun though, and my cheeks hurt from laughing.

I am off to start today's adventure.


P.P.S. Car? Still stolen.
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