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a post about Jared Padalecki and Lucas Scott

I sat in on a seven hour meeting today. *moan* My brain is MUSH. I swear, it hurts to THINK.

Couple of things before I retire to my couch with ice cream and One Tree Hill...

Jared's two biggest fangirls (that'd be me and Lindsay, if you were unsure) wanted to do something special to celebrate Jared's birthday on July 19. So we decided to throw him a party!

birthdaywhack (YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT)

All the info., deadlines and squeefulness are on the info. page, so go check it out. And you have FOUR weeks to get your contribution ready so...GO!

birthdaywhack birthdaywhack birthdaywhack

Second, I'm just gonna go ahead and admit that I have an enormous crush on Lucas Scott. I want to kiss his adorable little face and put my hands in his adorable, stupid, spiky hair. Then, he can pick me up in his tow truck and take me home, where we'll lie on his huge front porch while he reads me classic literature until it's time to have dinner with his MOM.

*wistful sigh*

Oh LUCAS. Everybody wants you.
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