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Wendy Wednesday

What do you eat for breakfast? Seriously, I need to know. What do grown ups eat?

How about vegetables? What kind of vegetables do you eat during the day and how do you cook them?

There should be a class on this: How to Feed Yourself 101.

Point of clarification: I CAN LJ from work, I just haven't had TIME lately. Didn't mean to panic anyone. You cannot get rid of me that easily.

  • Lou Pearlman is selling NSync stuff. (Sorry MTV, "relics" might be pushing it a wee bit.)

  • Joey Fatone is hosting a karaoke-style game show. Premieres July 10.

  • Design your own ice cream! It's ridiculously expensive, but fun to play with.

  • Find out which jeans best fit your body type. Loooove this site. I bought three pairs based off their recommendations and I love 'em all.

    Also, it's Wendy Wednesday, so you have to be nice to me today. It's law. *beams*

    Ok! That's all! Coffee-time!
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