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Rainy Days and...Fridays?

Today is My Mel's birthday. lostt1 is so amazingly generous with her time and her creativity. She's always making icons and art and banners at the drop of a hat for other people. She's also got a pretty fabulous personality too. Love ya baby, have an awesome celebration!

It also is mkitty3's birthday. I'm so glad I got to see you in Chicago earlier this year Michelle! You're the very best person to gossip with over pancakes. *grin* Have a great birthday honey!



Out of the last 100 days, it was rained here something like 78 of them. It's officially the wettest June in the history of Dallas. The ground is saturated and I am just OVER it.

But it's Friday so...lemons into lemonade, yeah?

I want everyone to make a post related to rain today. Fic about rain. Pictures of rain. A made-up interview with Jared on his feelings about rain. Personal meta on rainstorms. Descriptions of lightening. Descriptions of Chad standing naked in the rain. Haikus about summer showers. Memories of rainstorms from your childhood. Memories of rainstorms from Sam's childhood. ANYTHING.

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