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Four Things

1. Some one on my flist recently recommended the book Eat, Pray, Love to me. I started it last night and it's so freaking good. Really, really just what I needed. Also, it's written really well and has just the right touch of sarcastic humor to appeal to me. I want the author to be my FRIEND.

2. I'm leaving Wednesday morning for Santa Barbara, but when I get back next week, I'll tell you alllll the details for the Chad-fic-athon. Aren't you so excited??? Mark August 24 on your calendar.

3. I did a wee knife!fic rec post right here. I also updated all the tags and memories in spn_themes this weekend, so that's all cleaned up. Yay.

4. Last night I was lying in bed thinking about this: WHAT IF Jared and Jensen were on Supernatural. I don't mean body swap or weird I-just-woke-up-here, I mean, what if instead of Sam and Dean, Jared and Jensen WERE on SPN. How different would the show be with their personalities. Would Jensen be too shy to interrogate people? Would Jared be so busy making friends with the bad guys that they'd never get anything done?

By the same token, what if Sam and Dean WERE Jared and Jensen? Can you imagine Dean's reaction to a Hollywood press event? Or the two of them mingling at a cocktail party?

Could be really funny and sort of an interesting meta on their personalities to see the opposite situation just...be their normal lives.
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