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Sammy's Pizza

When I went to Pittsburgh in June, I stayed in this little mountain town called Greenline. I think that's what it was called. Green Tree. It was gorgeous and remote. Anyway, kashmir1 came up (down?) and had dinner with me and then she drove me around the town a little.

We were listen to her Big Bang soundtrack and talking about cracky fic ideas and just basking in being fangirls.

ANYWAY, we ran across this, and I made her pull into the parking lot so I could take a picture.

We quickly decided that this was Sammy's home-away-from-home, his secret identity, if you will. A place to blend in and escape.

At the time, I thought it was really funny that there was a cop car outside but since then...well. Since then, I have decided that Sam works a little computer magic and clears up Dean's record some. And then, when Sam escapes to his pizza place for a little downtime, Dean comes along and goes undercover as....a police officer.

It gives him access to information, he charms every one he meets, Sam likes the extra handcuffs, it's a steady paycheck and he can spend his dinner break at the pizza place with Sam.

It works. YOU KNOW IT WORKS. *beams*
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