I can read Sam's mind (wendy) wrote,
I can read Sam's mind

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Random Things

Jared sent me a virtual gift! *beams*

Man, is Jared hosting that Room-whatever show forever or just this once? It's REALLY bad. He sure looks purty though...

I think maybe I want the Plain White T's CD. Does anyone have it? Or any of them, actually?

How is that there is no Friday Night Light spoiler comm? *frowns*

OMG I get margaritas on Friday. I can't wait. I've been in steady alcohol withdrawal ever since New York.

Also, I decided that I need a big air-conditioned bubble to put around myself so I can go outside. I went for a walk Monday night and the heat about killed me. I enjoyed the walking but it took me two days to get rid of the heat-headache.

OK. *hand flourish* That is all for now. My life has become a serious of quick bullet points.
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