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Happy Birthday Jared-Baby!

AWWW! Today is my baby's birthday! Love ya Jared. *beams* Will you stop at Starbucks on the way over here to get started on my baby-making plan? Thanks sugar.

I re-posted my "Songs that make me want to have sex with Jared" fanmix and my Top Ten Things I Love About Jared picspam this morning over at birthdaywhack, if you want to see.

I'm going into Fort Worth tomorrow to probably get a new car. *stress* And then I'm literally going to drive it off the lot and onto Austin (four hours in a new car....smart or craaazy?) Then, Andrea and Rachel and Emma and I'm sure other people too are going to immerse ourselves in HP activities for the next two days.

I'm exhausted already but I know the weekend is going to be Made of Awesome.

LA girls? They're screening Ten Inch Hero at 7:30 p.m., July 25. Info is here along with a pic of Jensen all pierced and tatted up.

Oh and also, E!Online says that Rosie O'Donnell is in talks to make a guest appearance on NBC's Friday Night Lights for six or seven episodes. *le sigh*

Where's the fic all about Jared's sexy birthday celebrations?

My boss just emailed and said he wants me to present a marketing plan in an hour and a half. There's nothing like advance notice! ARGH.
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