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estrella30 had her baby girl yesterday and one of my dearest friends Heather, is having a planned c-section today to deliver her THIRD baby boy! Woot babies!

Last night I dreamed that I had a chance to meet Charlie Weasley. Not the actor mind you, but actually CHARLIE. And memphis86 kept begging me to bring her back a mini-Norbert. ("But Weeeeendy! The babies are only three feet long!")

People magazine ran an article last week about the real Delilah from the Plain White T's song "Hey There Delilah." Not only are she and songwriter Tom Higgenson NOT dating but they actually were NEVER together. He had a crush on her and told her he'd written a song about her but actually hadn't. But then later on, he used her for inspiration ("I had to imagine, if I was with this girl, what would I say?") But...not actually together. My illusions are shattered.

phaballa and txtequilanights? Britney's manny boyfriend bodyguard Daimon Shippen is 34 years old. I believe I did guess 35. *grins*

And also, geneli4 owns me today for this icon. *beams*

Happy Tuesday people!
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