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Saw the Simpsons movie. It was pretty funny. Kinda slow in the middle but I did actually laugh out loud a couple of time.

Roller derby tonight, which always is fun. The team I root for clinched a play-off spot, which is AWESOME. Had beer. Lots of beer.

Halftime was amateur wrestling. *snickers* Soooo bad.

I have seen absolutely ZERO bitching about ComicCon. Not one single anti-Jared post. NOT ONE. All I see are people bitching about people bitching. *sigh* It's like...preemptive bitching, I guess. I don't know! But cut it out!

Now, I am waiting on Max to finish his dinner so I can go to bed. I swear, he's the only dog in the world that doesn't like to eat. HURRY UP MAX-BABY.
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