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LJ is dead today! Y'all have forced me to do CHORES. It's been horrible. *puts hand on forehead*

I have one Big Bang left to read. ONE! I am so close! It's a super long one though so it may have to wait until next weekend.

I cooked today! I KNOW! I made this sweet potato-black bean thing that sevenfists (I think) posted and I cannot stop eating it. So good. I already have it packed up for lunch tomorrow too.

One Tree hill is absolute crack. I love it so much. But...why are all the females complete bitches and all the men in desperate need of a mustache wax? It's very distracting. Also, is Sophia Bush, like, 30? She looks older than the adults on the show. (This is a rhetorical question, FYI.) OH LUCAS. *smooshes him* I want to KEEP him for my very own. He and Matt Saracen can alternate duties as my boyfriends.

If you had to have theme music play every time you walked into a room, what song would you choose?
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