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50 Days to New SPN!

The other day lemmealone pointed out that it's still a looooong time until S3 starts. She's watching an episode a day to fill the need until then. As much as I like this idea, I just flat-out don't have time to watch 44 episodes in the next six weeks.

So, I decided to pick twelve episodes and watch them on a schedule. On Friday, I'll post about which two episodes I'm watching and then on Monday, I'll talk about them. And maybe post pictures and conversation questions and whatever else I can think of.

I figure this is a good way to get an SPN-fix and to get myself re-excited about the things I love most about this show.

August 18: Pilot, Dead in the Water
August 25: Faith, Hell House
September 1: None, I'll be in Vegas!
September 8: Something Wicked, Devil's Trap
September 15: In My Time of Dying, Nightshifter
September 22: Born Under a Bad Sign, Tall Tales
September 29: What Is and What Should Never Be, All Hell Breaks Loose (Part Two)

I really wanted to get Home, Nightmare, Salvation and Bloodlust in there but I just couldn't cram them in. We'll see how it goes as I watch.

I hope you guys will watch and discuss along with me because that'd be a whole heck of a lot more fun than me just doing it by my lonesome. But I'm gonna do it regardless. *grin* Have FUN WITH ME! Get excited! COME ON! Wooooo!
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