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Last Saturday, I had this conversation:

Mom (hollering to my Dad): Wendy wants an ipod for her birthday!
Wendy: Now wait, I didn't actually ask you for an ipod.
Mom: Yes you did. You said you wanted a new ipod and a new one of those grapevine-things you like so much.


I just had an awesome lunch with one of my best friends ever. She was just randomly in Dallas for the day so we got to meet up. Love her so much. I feel all energized and happy.

She was telling me a story about her sister (who I've known since she was SIX *boggle*) and she said that her sister says she's living the Bluebird Dream. I laughed and we both started singing:

Worship God.
Seek beauty
Give service
And knowledge pursue.
Be trustworthy ever,
In all that you do.
Hold fast onto health
And your work glorify
And you will be happy,
In the law of Camp Fire.

I haven't thought about that song in a hundred-zillion years. I kinda love it. I kinda want to print it out and hang it on my WALL.
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