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Three Truths and One Lie Answers

So. I have been home about a minute all weekend. I'm exhausted.

Here are the answers to the Three Truths and One Lie poll I posted Friday.

  • I am allergic to strawberries and vicodin.
    15 percent of the respondents picked this as the lie. It is, however, true. I have severe reactions to vicodin and will never, EVER understand how people can bear to take it as a recreational drug. The strawberry-thing is a bit of a trick question since it's an allergy I've only recently developed. They make my lips tingly and my mouth numb. Doctor said to quit eating them. BOO.

  • I graduated tenth in my high school class.
    15 percent of you picked this as the lie. It is, however, true. I was a total smarty-pants in high school and I did graduate tenth in my class. There were only about 100 people in my graduating class, but still. That's top ten percent!

  • I voted for George Bush the first time but not the second time.
    31 percent of you picked this as the lie, which means 70 percent of my list thinks I voted for George Bush. !!!!! What sort of liberal do you people think I AM? Not a very good one, obviously. I did not vote for George Bush (senior or junior) EVER. This is false.

  • I have never smoked pot or done any illegal drugs for recreational purposes.
    39 percent of people thought this was the lie, but it isn't. This actually is true. Not only have I never done pot or any other illegal drug, I've never had anyone try to sell it to me either. I did know one IRC girl who always was trying to give me xanax but I just threw it out. And I did go to a couple of IRC parties once-upon-a-time where people were smoking dope but I was never involved in it and it never was offered to me.

    I know pot is very accessible and very accepted now but it was not (NOT NOT NOT) when I was in high school and college and I just missed that trend all together.

    The end! Good night!
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