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SPN Pilot, Dead in the Water

So maybe I rambled a little too much there. Whoops? If you read all this, you deserve an extra cookie.

The pilot, of course, starts out with a flashback about what happened to this family 22 years ago. Little!Dean kissing baby!Sam goodnight just gets me in the gut. And Dean loves his Daddy sooo much. Really, we talk all the time about how much family means to the Winchesters but I had just forgotten how hard they worked to show us that in the beginning....Dean's family was everything to him.

When John hands Sam to Dean and tells him "Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Don't look back! Now Dean, go!" Well. That's when I actually got teary. I've seen that clip a hundred times and it still rips me up inside. BUT. This part I did not remember AT ALL...

When Dean gets outside he jiggles his brother in his arms a little and says "It's ok Sammy."

OH MAN. The first Sammy mention and it's while their mom is dying. While Dean literally is saving Sam, it's just...it just IS. *clutches heart*

To me, Jess will always be Tyra. Which is good since she acts as Tyra. Jess's entire character can be summed us as "Has Big Boobs."

Oh, I thought this was mildly interesting...Jess mentions twice that Sam never talks about his family and Sam mentions them not being close. But, the camera clearly shows that Sam has a picture of his mom and dad in his apartment. The same one that was on his mom's bedside table when she died, in fact.

Sam does say he swore he was done hunting for good, which I also didn't remember. Also, when Dean says Sam just wants a normal life, Sam is very quick to correct him that no. He isn't after a normal life, he's after a SAFE life.

Dean: "So, what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?"
Sam: "No, not normal. Safe."

I think that's especially interesting considering fandom's emphasis on Sam wanting a normal life. That isn't actually what he says AT ALL.

Sam has a picture of himself and Dean as kids with their Dad. He takes it from John's motel room. I had forgotten all about that pic! It would be so cool to see a picspam and/or icons of all the family photographs they've shown on the show. It's what? Five total?

Just a few more quick thoughts:
-I found it kinda touching that it's Sam who says "jerk" first and then Dean responds. That hit me a little since in S2 Sam "forgets."
-Sam saying he's never been unfaithful. Love my Sammy! Chills me to the bone though when the Woman in White says "you will be."
-Sam crashes the Impala into the house. So, really, he wrecks it TWICE in S1.
-Dean is trying SO HARD to keep Sam with him. He needs his family. It's a nice circular tie-in with the beginning.

Lastly, their mom dying made the hunt for the demon matter to John and Dean. But Sam didn't remember her. It took Jess dying to make it personal for Sam. That's interesting to me since the YED says in S2 that he had to kill these women that were distracting the special kids.

*exhales* I'm exhausted.


I FORGOT AMY ACKER WAS IN THIS. ARGH. How does she continue getting acting jobs??? She's so BAD.

The song playing when the boys drive up? Round and Round by RATT. "Love will find a way, just give it time." YES.

The brother of the drowned girl says that she was as safe in the lake as she was in her own bathtub. That's awesome foreshadowing since Acker's character almost drowns later, in the bathtub.

Dean: "Watching one of your parents die isn't something you just get over."

Dean: "My mom? She wanted me to be brave. And I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave."


Sam: "Going through a traumatic experience could make certain people more sensitive to premonitions, psychic tendencies..."

AWESOME foreshadowing. That bit was just dropped in so well. i LOVE when this show does stuff like that.

Dean certainly does have a way with kids. I also believe that will continue to be a repeating theme in future eps.

Oh man!! Sam and Dean just RUNNING and JUMPING into the water after Lucas! They don't even pause! Just BAM! No concern for their own safety! Gotta find the kid!! AHHHHHHHHH! And always and forever, this will be the iconic Hero Shot of Dean:

Always, always, always.

After seeing Playthings, I wrote this:
All I can think about when Sam comes up out of the water after rescuing Tyler is how reminiscent it is of Dean's hero shot in Dead in the Water, when he comes up out of the water with the little boy. Also in DitW, Dean gets a thank you hug from the pretty mom. In Playthings? Sam gets the thank you hug from the pretty mom.

Again with the foreshadowing.

It was really interesting to watch those episodes knowing what we know now. The show tied in SO MUCH foreshadowing, so many clues to future things. It's really so cool and amazing.

I can't waaaait to see what happens next!

Also? BOYS.
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