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Sunday was awesome

Anne Lamott says that when you're feeling far from God, you need to spend time among creation (which really is just an eloquent version of my Mom saying, "If you're bored then go play outside."), so Sunday I got up early and went to the little park/lake-thing here in the town I live in.

It's been a long time since I was there, I know the last time was with mandyremains before she moved. Anyway, there are ducks! And water! And a bridge!

So, I had big plans to go early and take my book and sit at a picnic table and read for awhile.


There was no shade. Who builds a park and doesn't manage to put one single picnic table near the trees??? *grumbles* It was 7,000 degrees, even at 9 a.m., so I spent about four minutes taking pictures and then left.

Even the ducks were annoyed at the lack of shade.

Then I came home and made waffles, which I've never done before. Really, I wanted pancakes but I actually have a waffle-iron, so I thought that seemed like an easier project to tackle. They were awesome. I? Rock.

Also, WHY don't *I* live on Samuel Street?!?!


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